Zhivahex Spray

  • Manufacturer: Zhivas
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6,60 €

Ready for use preparation intended for fast disinfection of various alcohol-resistant surfaces, including small and hardly accessible ones, in hospitals, healthcare institutions, public and commercial sector and industry with bactericidal (incl MRSA), mycobactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Active ingredients:
- Chlorhexidin Digluconate 0.5g /100 g
- Propan-2-ol 60g /100g

Ready for use solution, aldehyde, phenol and quaternary ammonium compounds free. It contains a balanced synergic combination of alcohol and chlorhexidine. It does not affect alcohol-resistant surfaces and is compatible with various materials.
The aerosol form of the preparation allows easy treatment of small and hardly-accessible surfaces. The treated surfaces and objects can be used immediately after the exposition time, without rinsing with water.