Zhivahex Spray MD

  • Manufacturer: Zhivas, Bulgaria

Zhivahex Spray MD

  • Manufacturer: Zhivas, Bulgaria
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Ready for use solution intended for fast disinfection of alcohol resistant medical and dental instruments and surfaces of medical equipment and devices. The treated objects can be used immediately after expiration of exposition time without rinsing with water.
It has bactericidal (incl. MRSA), mycobactericidal (incl. TBC), fungicidal and virucidal (HIV/HBV/HCV ).

Active ingredients:
- Chlorhexidin digluconate 0.5g /100 g
- Propan-2-ol 60g /100g


Zhivahex spray MD is aldehyde and phenol free. It is a balanced synergic acting combination of alcohol and chlorhexidine. It contains corrosion inhibitors, does not affect alcohol resistant surfaces and is compatible with various materials.

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