Quality Policy



The top management of Helmed Bulgaria officially declares its Quality Policy, which is announced, understood, applied and maintained at all levels in the Organization.


Helmed Bulgaria is an importer of a wide range of general and specific medical devices, medicines, laboratory consumables and protective equipment. In the current market conditions of increasing competition, the Management of the Organization has formulated the following




In order to implement the Quality Policy in Helmed Bulgaria EOOD, a Quality Management System has been developed, implemented and maintained, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. For the successful implementation of the quality policy we operate according to our goals:

  1. Delivery of products with guaranteed high quality, meeting the needs of customers, as well as all applicable regulatory requirements.
  2. Continuous increase of the company's competitiveness by satisfying the needs of a wide range of consumers and more and more fully satisfying their constantly growing requirements and expectations.


For effective implementation of the Quality Policy, the Top Management directs the activity of the Organization in the following main directions:

  • Compliance with all applicable and regulatory requirements related to the activities and processes carried out by the company;
  • Analysis of external and internal factors, risks, opportunities and requirements of stakeholders influencing the activities of the Organization;
  • Systematic study of customer needs and expectations;
  • Continuous enrichment of the nomenclature of the offered products;
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the offered products and the provided services;
  • Ensuring lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and partners, ensuring the efficiency of processes;
  • Continuous increase of the awareness and competence of the employees;
  • Maintaining the available infrastructure to ensure the preservation of the quality of the delivered products and the provided services;
  • Control for compliance with the requirements of the implemented Quality Management System and its improvement and improvement;
  • Realization and fulfillment of the set measurable quality goals.


The manager of Helmed Bulgaria Ltd. declares his personal participation and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality policy, ensuring the success and development of the organization, as well as the satisfaction and satisfaction of the needs of his clients and partners.


February 22, 2021