• Manufacturer: Zhivas, Bulgaria


  • Manufacturer: Zhivas, Bulgaria
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Concentrate in form of granules intended for:
• Disinfection and cleaning of invasive and non-invasive medical and dental instruments, medical and laboratory equipment
• High-level cold chemical disinfection of thermo-sensitive and thermo-resistant medical devices (anesthetic equipment, endoscopes, bronchoscopes).
It has bactericidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal activity.


Active ingredients:
- Peracetic acid 1500 ppm in 1-% solution, obtained “In situ” from sodium per carbonate and TAED


Oxisept granules are dissolved in water, “in situ” peracetic acid is formed, which releases oxygen. At relatively low concentrations Oxisept shows a broad spectrum of microbiological activity.
The product contains corrosion inhibitors and is compatible with various materials, from which the medical instruments and medical devices are made. It does not fix the protein soiling and its activity is not affected by it. The working solutions of the product are odorless, environmentally friendly and not inducing allergic reactions. Oxisept possesses excellent cleaning power.

Медицински изделия и консумативи

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