Visitor Gown, Non-sterile (PP/PP+PE)

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Medical Gown, Non-sterile



  • Non-sterile
  • Colour: Blue
  • Single use, disposable
  • Light and comfortable gown
  • Ties: Side ties around the waist
  • Material: Non-woven (PP), seamless (+PE option)
  • Sleeves: Long sleeves, with elastic or knitted cuffs


 Material Thickness Cuffs
 Non-woven (PP) 20 g/m² Elastic Cuffs
 Non-woven (PP) 35 g/m² Knitted Cuffs
 Non-woven (PP) + PE (water-resistant) 31 g/m² Knitted Cuffs



  • 10 pcs/pack
  • 100 pcs/carton (10 packs)


Additional information


Medical visitor gowns are suitable for medical use (not for surgical purposes). Visitor gowns serve as a protective barrier for visitors and medical staff from germs, bacteria, liquids, splashes and more. For surgical use, check out sterile surgical gowns.