Nipasept Concentrate

  • Manufacturer: Живас | Zhivas
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13,90 лв. 11,70 лв.

Concentrated disinfectant intended for disinfecting and cleaning of large and small water-resistant surfaces and objects in healthcare and medical institutions, places for public use and transport vehicles, premises for cattle breeding, and veterinary practices with bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal action.

  • Highly efficient in low concentrations
  • Floor and surface disinfectant


Active ingredients:

  • Ethylendioxy) dimethanol 10g /100g
  • Benzalkonium Chloride 10g /100g

The formula of NIPASEPT is based on the broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of the mix of quaternary ammonium salts, aldehyde release, and non-ionic surfactant. It is formaldehyde-free. Easy to use, does not cause allergic reactions.

After application NIPASEPT leaves a light pleasant green-apple odor. No additional washing needed after application. The working solution is useful up to 14 days after its preparation. Combines cleaning and disinfecting effect.