Vial Acess Spike (Polyspike®)

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Vial Access Spike Polyspike®




  • 100 pcs/box
  • Standard Cap
  • PVC, DEHP and Latex Free
  • Safety cap reducing contamination
  • Vented spike for access to vials or semi-rigid containers



  • High flow rate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Increase efficiency
  • Withdrawal or injection of fluids without the use of a needle
  • Built-in air channel that automates pressure
  • Prevents chemical and microbial contamination


Additional information


Polyspike is used to withdraw or inject liquids from drug vials or semi-solid containers. Polyspike's integrated air channel increases efficiency and safety. Equipped with an air filter to trap bacteria down to 0.1 µm, the Polyspike reduces contamination.


Designed with a closable cap, Polyspike allows touch contamination to be reduced, allowing the user to work comfortably away from the critical Luer connection. The tight-seal cap improves work hygiene by preventing cap loss and potential leaks when closing.


Similar Names: Minispike; Multi dose vial access spike; IV access spike; Access spike