Surface disinfectant HMI IDO SPRAY

  • Manufacturer: HMI, Bulgaria

Surface disinfectant HMI IDO SPRAY

  • Manufacturer: HMI, Bulgaria
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Field of application:

Rapid disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces, including equipment, apparatus, utensils, objects.


Alcohol-based disinfectant. Formula without aldehydes, without oxidizing agents. Contains corrosion inhibitor - protects treated surfaces and objects.


It does not leave traces on the treated surfaces. Spray form, allowing treatment of hard-to-reach surfaces and objects.


No rinsing required after treatment.


Spectrum of action:

Short exposure and wide range of action. Full virocidal action (including HAV, HCV, Influenza Virus, Herpesvirus, Rotavirus, Enterovirus, Papillomavirus, Polyomavirus).


Price: 24.00 BGN with VAT



The photos are for illustrative purposes. In fact, the product can be distinguished externally, without changing the functionality and characteristics of the product.

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