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Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery Terms and Conditions of helmed.bg



Art. 1. Period of delivery is up to 5 working days from the date of your order (Bulgaria) and between 3-14 days for orders in the European Union (EU).

1. Orders are sent on the same day, provided that the item(s) are in stock in our warehouse.

2. In case of insufficient availability for a certain item or items, helmed.bg reserves the right to extend the delivery period, or after mutual agreement between the two parties.



Art. 2. Your order will be confirmed by email or by the phone number provided, or with a changed status in your personal helmed.bg profile in the section "My Profile"> "Current orders"

1. Confirmation of orders is carried out on weekdays, during working hours, Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30, excluding weekends and public holidays.



Art. 3. Orders confirmed by 15:00 are shipped the same day, provided the items you ordered are available. An order that has already been placed can be canceled over the phone within one hour.


Art. 4. All orders are sent with the option of review through courier service provided by Speedy AD or Econt Express Ltd., delivered by our employee or courier service in the European Union.


Art. 5. Orders are sent through courier service to Bulgaria and the European Union.

1. To an address by courier of your choice or according to the available options for choosing a courier service.

2. To the office of a courier of your choice or according to the available options for choosing a courier service.



Art. 6. Delivery is free for orders over BGN 100 or EUR 50 (only for orders with a delivery address in Bulgaria).


Art. 7. Deliveries on the territory of Bulgaria are made through courier services provided by "Speedy" AD and "Econt Express" Ltd. Deliveries in the EU region (excl. Bulgaria) are handed by ”InOut Trade" EOOD (EU Shipments).

1. Delivery method: "Speedy" AD

  • Period of delivery:
    • at least one working day or according to the service schedule for smaller settlements.
    • Deliveries are not made on weekends and public holidays.

2. Delivery method: "Econt Express"

  • Period of delivery:
    • for regions with an Econt office - up to 3 working days, if possible (for a confirmed order by 15:00) it is sent on the same working day.
    • for regions without an Econt office - according to the service schedule or up to 3 days, if the settlement is not included in the schedule.
    • Deliveries are not made on weekends and public holidays.

3. Delivery method: "EU Shipments"

  • Period of delivery:
    • 3 - 14 business days.
    • Deliveries are not made on weekends and public holidays.

4. The additional modules brought by "Speedy" AD and "Econt Express" and integrated in www.helmed.bg automatically calculate the costs of delivery when your personal data is input correctly (address or office of the specified courier). For correct entry, please wait for the module to load after specifying the courier you want to enter your address or convenient courier delivery office. In case of a problem with the connection with the Speedy and Econt modules or incorrect input in the fileds "Country", "City", "Address" or "ZIP" will display an automatic price of 9.90 BGN (4.95 EUR). This does not guarantee that your delivery costs will be 9.90 BGN (4.95 EUR).



Art. 8. Delivery is paid for orders within the European Union.

1. Delivery in European Union (EU) is carried out through a courier company providing courier services in the EU territory.



Art. 9. Order payment can be made using three payment methods available.

1. Cash on delivery

2. Bank transfer

3. Secure electronic payment by card with BORIKA EMV 3DS system



Art. 9. You have the right to return your order within 14 calendar days.

1. Goods subject to exchange or return shall be sent at the customer's expense to the address of Helmed Bulgaria EOOD's office:

1309 Sofia, Bulgaria, 179 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., bl. 79, Tel .: 0879 548 300


Art. 10. Complaints about products or information about shortages / losses are declared in the presence of a courier at the delivery address or in the office of a courier company upon receipt of an order.


Art. 11. DISCLAIMER! Thoroughly inspect your shipment in the presence of a courier upon receipt. Helmed Bulgaria EOOD is not responsible for damaged trade, damage or shortages occurred during transportation or outside our control after sending by courier service.