Brocho Pam Tea by Dr. Pamukoff (x30)

  • Manufacturer: Пам Медика
2,45 €

30 tea bags x 1.5 gr


Clinically tested dietary supplement.





Broncho Pam Tea by Prof. Dr. Pamukov is an innovative herbal food supplement that has a beneficial effect on the lung structure and function of the lung, as well as on the immune system.


Broncho Pam is an innovative bioproduct created after decades of scientific and clinical research. His new recipe has won many international awards.



This Broncho Pam tea contains organic herbs, middle Indian echinacea, and other herbs for your immune system that are approved by leading specialists of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.



Prof. Dr. Pamukov has 50 years of experience in developing successful supplements for bronchitis and influenza. Prof. Dr. Pamukov is a leading Bulgarian physician who gained international popularity with his ability to cure various illnesses and conditions, as well as the creation of scientific herbal medicine. His innovative approach in medicine is recognized by prestigious awards from 3 continents.